4 Compromises You Must Not Make While Buying a Cheap Used Car

Used cars do come cheap but even in that range, there are a few who may offer you a cheaper version of the standard market price. However enticing the offer may seem, you must let your logical sense to kick in here to understand and pinpoint the warning bells that the cheap package might be bringing along. The price of your preferred used car can go as low as possible, but there are a few compromises that you just cannot tolerate while buying a cheap used car. Give the following pointers preference over the price figure and then settle the deal that you have at hand.

1. Engine quality

Many small-time dealers may try to sell you a car with a substandard engine stating this as the reason for the low price. Avoid buying such a vehicle as engine repairs are actually the costliest maintenance expense that you will ever have to incur. A poor-quality engine will literally mess up your entire car. And you will have to keep it in the shop more than your home’s garage.

2. Mileage figures

Another aspect that brings down a car’s price is its mileage. Vehicles with a surprisingly high mileage rating often sell for an outrageously low price. Here again, stay away from such cars despite the price on offer as the repair work will ultimately take away the amount you are saving on the car. Visit the top cheap dealerships near you in Greer, SC like Happy Auto, where low mileage cars come at an optimal price.

3. Rust on body

Really cheap used cars are often flood-damaged vehicles. And such vehicles can be easily spotted with excessive rust on various parts of its body. As evident, the rust will slowly eat away all your car’s structure rendering them weak and fragile. And the moisture from the flood will also short the electronics which will not trigger your car’s safety systems. In the top used car lots in Greer SC, flood-damaged vehicles do not find any place.

4. Brand of the car

The concerned US authorities rate cars and models as per their reliability and rank them based on their likelihood and frequency of facing technical glitches. Naturally, you will want your cheap used car to be reliable and serve you long. And on these lines, you cannot sacrifice reliability for the price. When the years add to the car, Japanese cars run better than the Europeans. Americans models lie somewhere in between.

Pick the best cheap dealerships near me for good results. Especially while buying a car, some compromises are just not worth making.


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