4 Things to Check While Buying a Cheap Used Car

Things come cheap for a reason and while buying them you must ensure that they are the right ones. Especially for long-term investments like cars, the word cheap must not become so enticing for you that it makes you completely blind. You must check for all possible hidden demons, that are secretly at work to pull down the car’s initial price, and might show themselves later only to bleed your bank balance dry. So, as you head out to buy a cheap used car, keep an eye out for the following 5 parameters and only pay your money when all of these check out.

1. The mileage on the car

The odometer reading can tell you a lot about the car’s overall condition. A very high reading is suggestive of the fact that the car has worked hard and its parts have suffered wear and tear. If major replacements have not been done, such cars will come cheap to you. Go for a vehicle that has a moderate odometer reading. There is always a tussle between the mileage and the price.

2. The car’s body

Flood-damaged vehicles really come cheap as no one really wants to buy them. To detect such a car, check its body for large areas of rust along with the screws and bolts that hold the entire structure together. Also, feel the upholstery for damp and look at the headlights for watermarks. Quality used cars will never have such indicators.

3. The engine

If the above two checks out, then the vehicle’s engine is the next player that can bring down the car’s price. When in good shape, it can run for an eternity and will naturally cost you higher. But a bad engine raises a lot of red flags in a car and breaking down in the middle of a highway will be the least of your worries. Check the engine-check light, the timing belt, and more. Always buy a car with a good powertrain.

4. The vehicle’s history

Take some time to run the VIN number of the cheap used car that you are buying and thoroughly inspect its history before finalizing the deal. Cars that have been in accidents have a lot of secret damaged parts that can come to haunt you later. Similarly, poorly maintained cars also have a huge expense pending and you do not want that to come upon you. Evaluate its history and buy smart.

Instead of looking for a cheap used car in Greer, a better approach is to look for value-for-money. When you pick the right dealer to buy your used car, you get nothing but quality at the best price.


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