4 Things You Do Not Get at Toyota of Greer

Car manufacturers stepped into the used car market as they saw high demand in the arena. But carrying the company logo meant that customers expected a few things from them which placed them at a separate league than the conventional used car dealerships in Greer, SC. Toyota of Greer is such a dealership. They function fully under Toyota and you do not get a few things there just as you get a few. Here are 4 aspects that you miss out on when you buy a used Toyota from the Toyota of Greer. And these might impact the value for money that you expect from your car.

  1. You might not get the car you want

Say you want a used Toyota Camry. You can never be sure that you will get it at the Toyota of Greer car dealership in Greer, SC. The brand sells CPO cars under their used listings and not all cars return in perfect conditions to ultimately become CPOs. So, your options are limited to very few cars that people exchanged with Toyota to get an upgrade, and rarely do people exchange their Camry-s.

  1. You cannot buy older cars

In our opinion, most used cars in Toyota of Greer are 2-3 years old. Naturally, they are pricier than the standard rates of conventional used cars. Even if they do manage to get some older cars in, your choices will be few limited to one Chevy, maybe a Dodge, but mostly Toyotas. This might throw your budget for a toss. Limited inventory means you can neither compare cars nor go for alternatives in the same price range.

  1. You might not get all the trims

This, again, boils down to the fact that people generally exchange trims to get an upgrade and not all of them become CPOs. Scroll down the inventory of Toyota of Greer car dealership in Greer, SC and you will see the basic trims only of their best seller RAV4. However, in a conventional dealership like Happy Auto of Greer with a large inventory, you shall find other trims along with better alternatives.

  1. You cannot test drive vehicles of other brands

Did you know that a Civic or Accord is a better car than the Camry? Well, Toyota of Greer is not a Honda dealer in Greer, SC and you will have no way to find that out by test driving both one after the other. Conventional used car dealerships thus take the prize here as their inventory is not only diverse but also helps you make an informed decision. So, look beyond brand-certified dealers and shop at the reputed used car dealership names.


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