4 Used Auto Dealership Scams to Keep in Your Radar as a Buyer

Used car scams are unique as opposed to new car scams. The former is easier to hide behind the car’s history, fraudulent dealers think it is simple to trick you by blaming it on the previous owner, and car buyers tend to get swayed by the surprisingly low price and most do not bother to read the fine print of the deal on the table. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with used auto dealership scams and you can fall victim on any corner. However, the power of knowledge can keep you protected while buying a used car in Greer, SC, and that is the core motive of this post.

So, before you go out to shop, place these 4 common dealership scams on your radar.

1. Your bank pays for the warranty, it’s free to you
Many dealerships sneak in extended warranties in your deal by including the price with your car’s tag. The offer is then masked by saying that the bank is actually paying for it. As you may already understand, the sum is on you. Your loan amount gets inflated. It is better to choose car dealerships in Greer, SC, that sells quality cars than buy needless warranties as the higher credit amount increases your APR.

2. The AC just needs refilling
This scam also reads as – just needs some freon. You might think that refilling the coolant liquid is all you have to do but dealerships saying these generally mean that the AC is broken and we are selling you the car as it is. If the car needs freon, that means the AC’s pipes are leaking. And if it had been left unattended for a long time, the whole system might need changing.

3. The lender canceled your loan request
This happens when you take the shady dealer’s offer to finance with them through a third-party and walk out with your car before the loan request went through. The call comes soon where you are informed that poor credit score was the reason for cancellation and a plan with an inflated APR is forced down your throat. Be aware. Pick reputed used car dealers in Greer, SC, where all collaborations are as genuine as the dealers themselves.

4. The car is not that old, check the odometer
If you are being sold a car where the vehicle’s odometer reading does not match with the exterior look of the car, then it isdefinitely a scam. Either the car has been neglected and not been driven enough. Or, the odometer reading has been tampered with using some gadget. Top car dealerships in Greer, SC, will provide you with the vehicle’s history where you can verify the mileage figures. And you should run the VIN with the authorities as well just to be sure.


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