5 Price Negotiation Tips for Used Car Buyers

The price that you see in used car lots is always the suggested price. Just like you see the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP in new car dealerships. The word “suggested” should tell you that the price quoted on the car is only a suggestion. You are free to choose whether you want to pay higher or lower than the said price. So, this is your conclusive point that while shopping for used cars for sale in Greer, the option to negotiate is always open. No matter what the dealer tells you, you must negotiate to buy your preferred car at a bargain price.

Here are 5 invaluable price negotiation tips for you.

1.Research your locality’s supply and demand

By the rule of economics, if supply is high and demand is low, the price is bound to fall. Similarly, the contrary happens when supply and demand switches sides. Research into this parameter before you go out to negotiate. See which models people prefer to buy in your locality and during what time the demands rise and fall. Accordingly, set your budget.

2.Build your knowledge

You will be at a loss of words during the negotiation process if you do not know the car that you are buying. Right from the current market price to the horsepower of the engine, you must keep a few facts in your knowledge bucket. If the salesperson sees that you indeed have your facts right, he/she will immediately tone down the pitch intensity.

3. Avoid getting swayed by add-ons

Good used car dealers in Greer, SC, will never try to sell you an extra key, some extra bass in the speakers, leather seats or modern wiper blades. Most unprofessional dealers try to make a profit by selling you add-ons and close all channels of negotiation by quoting the starting price low. Negotiate for the car’s price only and then talk about add-ons, if you need any.

4. Know your limit

If you can afford $10,000, have the heart to walk away if the dealer is asking for $15,000. Negotiation is never about going on haggling until one party settles for the price the other accepts. A reputed used car dealer in Greer, South Carolina, will quote a price that they need to run their business, maybe help you to find another car in that budget, but will never compel you to pay high.

5. Follow up

Check in after you had walked away from your deal to see if the dealer has changed its mind. Top used car dealers in Greer, SC, are customer-centric. If they see that their revenue has come from another channel in the days before your follow-up call, they might just agree to a marginally equal price than what you can swing. Keep following up in your negotiation process. You might just get the car you really want.


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