5 Ways to Extend Your Used Car’s Life


A few used car owners prefer to sell their vehicles just after 3 to 5 years of use. That is the nation’s average of holding on to a car. Then again, there are owners who are emotionally attached to their cars and drives around for more than 15 years without any safety or technical issue. No matter in which group you fall, you must ensure to take the following steps to ensure a long life for your car. If you want to sell, you will want a high resale value. And if you want to keep, you will want the car to run for an eternity.

1. Buy from a reputed dealer
It is a no-brainer that your car will only run for over a decade if you invest in a quality machine in the first place. For that, visit only the top used car dealers in Greer, SC like Happy Auto that absorbs vehicles from genuine sources, passes the fleet through stringent quality tests, and reconditions every screw of the vehicle.

2. Keep your servicing schedules
After buying the car, go through the owner’s manual to take note of all the servicing schedules. Then, keep them as your dental appointment of office deadlines which you just cannot miss. Oil and air filters, timing belts, cooling fluids and brake pads – all require replacements after a certain mileage. Make sure you maintain the suggested times.

3. Avoid driving with excessive load
Excess load is equivalent to overworking your car. The engine has to work more to haul the wrench you hardly use, the extra emergency tire, or the dumbbells you forgot you kept under your car seats. All experts of used cars in Greer will tell you to shed that extra load. It is detrimental to your car.

4. Change your driving habits
Do you frequently drive while pressing the brake and gas pedal down simultaneously? Do you hardly bother to check your tire pressure until the check light is on? Is your AC always on? These driving habits slowly eat away your car. Brake riding does not help your car’s brakes. Running your low tire pressure wears the treads faster. And the AC overworks the engine again and ages it.

5. Wash your car
The simplest way dealers ensure that their used cars in Greer, SC stay alive for a long time. Dirt on your car can damage the vehicle both internally and externally. They can clog up the air filters. They can trap moisture and lead to rust. Like your servicing routine, take the car for a regular wash and park it in a closed garage, if possible.


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