American or Foreign:Whose Cars are More Reliable?

Brand preference is a common attribute among car buyers. While pride is the overpowering factor that consumers tend to associate with brands in case of new cars, reliability gets the top podium when it comes to used cars. Here comes the debate as to whose cars are more reliable – the domestic automakers’ or the foreign ones’? And just like all subjective discussions, there can never be one objective answer.

Overall reputation

Although the likes of Ford and GMC enjoyed some monopoly over a considerable period of time, the influx of foreign players has made the market really competitive. On these lines, the domestic automakers tried to play catchup, especially with the Asian carmakers and ended up sacrificing their long-held reputation. The call-back rates of American cars are much higher than the foreign ones. Even dependability scores always place a foreign model over the US ones. Naturally, consumers look towards the former while buying a cheap used car.

Segment matters

But you must not lose all hope on American car manufacturers. While shopping in the best cheap car dealerships near me, the experts will always suggest a Ford SUV over a Honda or a Land Rover. For pickups, Toyota Tacoma has been a reliable companion for most used truck buyers, but then again, the GMC Sierra is not that far behind. If you segregate segment-wise, American manufacturers can give you a great vehicle. At times, better than many foreign players. Even used cars survey data will show you a similar result.

EPA, infotainment, and safety

The foreign automakers might have just surpassed their US counterparts when it comes to catering to the family-type consumers of a cheap used car. Any family car buyer will be convinced to buy a car merely looking at its safety, EPA figures, and infotainment. No matter how hard Ford or GMC may be trying, Kia ran away in the hybrid section, Toyota rules the EPA part, and Hondacomes with new safety installations every year. It is not surprising, hence, that foreign makers top the charts with their sedans. The luxury segment belongs to the Europeans as well.

Who wins then?

Foreign manufacturers might have their nose ahead a bit but not by long. Reliability ultimately comes down to the quality of the used car you are buying and its history of maintenance and in the best used car dealerships like the Happy Auto Greer, you are bound to get both. Irrespective of whether you are buying a Ford or a Toyota, your car will serve you long if it comes from authentic used car sellers.


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