American vs European Used Cars: Which are Better?

On one side you have the likes of Ford, GMC, and Chrysler and on the other, you have Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. All heavy names in the US auto industry and thus, the debate has raged on for decades as to who makes better cars. In the used car segment, however, the points on both side changes. And picking a winner becomes difficult when pitted against each other. Still, you will need answers. Before searching for the best car dealerships near me, you will need to decide the brand to whom you can swear your allegiance.

American cars are cheaper and bigger

US car manufacturers have time and again marketed cheaper cars as compared to their European rivals. Pick similar models from each maker and you are sure to notice a flat price difference of $5,000. And that figure does trickle down to the used market as well and can mean a lot among used car buyers. You also get bigger and spacious cars when you buy American as that is the country’s preferred taste. The best used car dealerships always suggest American make if you want room in your cabin and do not want to spend much.

European cars are stylish and fuel-efficient

Lexus SC 1993You can surely spot the style difference between a Chevrolet and a BMW. Europeans have always been the masters of design and class and those are what made the vehicle’s owners proud. Plus, one massive area where American cars still have some catching up to do is fuel efficiency. Here, the Europeans win the race by an average margin of 5 mpg across all segments. Naturally, the family section of used cars for sale in Greer, SC sell more European makes than American as fuel efficiency is a greater priority among this crowd.

Tech and reliability –European cars get the crown

You cannot buy a used car with abysmal reliability ratings and tech installations. They determine your future repair expenses and safety on the road. To date, American cars have been the worst performers in both departments while the Europeans have consistently featured above them. Although a Mercedes is more costly to repair than a Cadillac, you will have to take the used Cadillac more frequently to the shop than the Mercedes. To play on the safe side, pick the best used car dealerships that sell quality vehicles. However, if you are really worried about repair expenses, invest a bit more initially, and buy a European make.


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