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What are the Benefits of a Car Inspection?

Most car owners in upstate South Carolina do not give much thought to car inspections. Be it while buying used cars for sale in Greer or during the ownership span, car inspections feature right at the bottom of the list. However, getting a car inspected by a professional has its benefits. And they overpower all reasoni...Read More

Filing Tax Returns: What is a Tax Bracket?

The tax brackets used by the IRS every year to tax American citizens may seem pretty straight-forward at first but it is way more complicated than what it seems at the surface. For one, the brackets change every year. The US government does not tax its citizens at the same rate every year. And two, the tax rates you ...Read More

4 Things You Do Not Get at Toyota of Greer

Car manufacturers stepped into the used car market as they saw high demand in the arena. But carrying the company logo meant that customers expected a few things from them which placed them at a separate league than the conventional used car dealerships in Greer, SC. Toyota of Greer is such a dealership. They funct...Read More

Used Cars are Cheaper (And Better) Than CPOs – Here’s Why

Going by the average market price of new cars in 2020, a typical CPO vehicle will cost you around $30,000 if the newer version costs $36,000. In contrast, the same vehicle in reputed used car dealerships will come at just around $20,000. Sure, the features you get are not comparable. CPOs pack more benefits than co...Read More

How Not to Buy Used Cars in Greer?

  Used car shopping is very different from new car shopping for the mere fact that the former comes with a history. Every used car that you see in a dealership either belonged to an individual like you, or a rental company like Hertz, or some shipping company that just went out of business. The history behi...Read More

What to Do If You Want a Compensation Claim for a Car Accident?

No matter how experienced a driver you are or how safe your used cars in Greer, SC, is, you are bound to be left rattled by an accident. And these are becoming more common on South Carolina’s roads as we are adding more cars to the streets. After you have tended to your and your passenger’s injuries and made su...Read More

How to Test the Inventory Strength of a Used Car Dealer in Greer?

The inventory of a used car dealer is important. You might walk into a small dealership and see the car you want, yet you will want to test drive at least a couple of alternate options as the specs are bound to vary than what you saw on the internet. All used cars have a history. With time on the road or in the gar...Read More

Why Greer Residents are Turning to Nissan Used Cars?

There was a time not too long ago when a few segments got known by the brands that topped the sales charts. Think of a family sedan and you immediately picture a Toyota or a Honda. Talk about pickup trucks and your mind cannot go beyond the logo of Ford. But gradually, Nissan has gained some of that customer confid...Read More

A Large Inventory Matters in Used Car Dealerships in Greer

What all do you look for when you pick among used car dealerships in Greer, SC? The price of the car you want? The additional deals on offer? Willingness to negotiate, maybe? These might seem crucial with a consumer-oriented mentality but true experts will tell you that quality dealers do not negotiate, their price...Read More

Price Haggling is Obsolete! Information is the Key

Remember that time when you felt robbed if you could not haggle with prices? Yes, that time is gone. Today, if you have to negotiate the price of something, be sure that something shady is going on underneath. With top used car dealers in Greer, SC, especially, price haggling is a thing of the past. They do not fol...Read More

Decoding the VIN: What Do the Numbers Tell You?

Almost all car experts advise you to run and check the VIN before buying used Greer cars. But what exactly are to expect when you do run and check the VIN? What do the numbers say and what do they mean to you? They are not random characters that mean random things. Neither does the National Highway Traffic Safety A...Read More

6 Iconic American Cars that You Can Still Buy Today

Owning an iconic American car is a matter of pride for every true American. After all, we identify ourselves with our cars and these vehicles have survived through generations almost becoming brand ambassadors of America in the rest of the world. The list of names is long. Some are out of production while others have m...Read More

Are Used Cars Cheaper Now Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The raging COVID-19 pandemic has plummeted the entire world into a sure recession-like situation with many economists suggesting that a possible depression is not out of the question. In simple terms, that means widescale unemployment, unstable prices, more businesses going bankrupt, and lives becoming financially hard...Read More

How to Become an Expert Used Car Shopper Overnight?

Many suggest that you take an expert mechanic along whilebuying used cars. Some also say that you should make multiple visits to numerous dealerships before making the final call. But what people do not say that the first method will cost you a few unnecessary dollars every time you take the mechanic along and the seco...Read More

Is Your Car Overheating? Here is What You Should Do

You have surely seen those images in sitcoms or movies where the bonnet of the car suddenly opens mid-road and steam start oozing out of everywhere from the front of the car. This typically happens when the engine gets overheated beyond the tolerable limit and the cooling system could not cool things down in time. Over...Read More

5 Ways to Extend Your Used Car’s Life

  A few used car owners prefer to sell their vehicles just after 3 to 5 years of use. That is the nation’s average of holding on to a car. Then again, there are owners who are emotionally attached to their cars and drives around for more than 15 years without any safety or technical issue. No matter in which ...Read More

Thinking About Buying Rental Cars? Think Again!

Car rental companies like Hertz and Avis sell a part of their fleet almost regularly. These are fairly new cars that come at a discounted price and generally carry manufacturer-backed warranties. Plus, the easy selling process of the companies makes the deal even more enticing and a good number of customers do consider...Read More

Should I Buy an Old Used Car?

It is not unnatural for you to see a 2005 Toyota Camry on the road today even when the car is almost over one and a half decades old. The facts stating that cars are known to run seamlessly for about 300,000 miles are also not surprising. Unlike the late 1900s, car manufacturers today are making vehicles for the long h...Read More

American vs European Used Cars: Which are Better?

On one side you have the likes of Ford, GMC, and Chrysler and on the other, you have Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. All heavy names in the US auto industry and thus, the debate has raged on for decades as to who makes better cars. In the used car segment, however, the points on both side changes. And picking a winner becomes...Read More

4 Used Auto Dealership Scams to Keep in Your Radar as a Buyer

Used car scams are unique as opposed to new car scams. The former is easier to hide behind the car’s history, fraudulent dealers think it is simple to trick you by blaming it on the previous owner, and car buyers tend to get swayed by the surprisingly low price and most do not bother to read the fine print of the dea...Read More

How Sensible are Credit Union Auto Loans?

Most used car dealerships in Greer, SC, recommend that you walk in their car lot with a pre-approved auto loan. That opens up three typical options for you. Banks, credit unions, and private lenders. Although the first is the most popular path among many consumers while the last is often considered when the situation i...Read More

What do Customers Want from Used Car Dealerships in Greer, SC? Answers from Real People

A lot of expert advice float around almost everywhere on the issue of choosing the best used car dealerships. And surely, they are helpful as well. Some say you must look into the services that the used car dealers are providing while others ask you to look into vehicle histories. But when it comes down to the car buye...Read More

Used Cars Under $15,000: 4 Best Options for Families

The $15,000 price mark is truly a bargain in the used car market given the average figure of the entire country currently stands at a much higher number. Post-2007, US cars have become more reliable. You can buy a decade-old car today and drive it for a few hundred-thousand miles without ever worrying about much expens...Read More

Car Leasing is Cheaper – Why Isn’t It Better?

The auto industry is not alien to the statement that leasing a car is always the cheaper option as opposed to buying the same vehicle. Some even argue that the feel of driving around a new make and model every couple of years is incomparable. But there has always been another side to this story. A few financial experts...Read More

Why We Shouldn’t Buy Used Cars with Old Tires?

The answer is fairly simple – because they cause accidents. But how do you determine the age of the tire on the used car that you are buying? You cannot just assume that a 5-year-old car will have a 5-year-old tire. Neither can you safely conclude that the tire is still usable as the six-year-old mark suggested b...Read More

Buying Small Cars: How Safe are They?

Safety and SUVs tend to go along. Car buyers automatically connect bigger cars to greater safety and question the features available on smaller hatchbacks. Popular opinions even state that you should at least look at a sedan to ensure top-notch safety for the passengers inside and not be handing over a compact car to y...Read More

Why do Coolants Leak in Cars?

If you see any greenish or orangish deposits under the hood of your car, it typically means your coolant is leaking. And if this is indeed happening, you must raise the alarm immediately. A coolant leak can be detrimental to your vehicle. This liquid works to prevent the engine from become overheated and lose its funct...Read More

5 Price Negotiation Tips for Used Car Buyers

The price that you see in used car lots is always the suggested price. Just like you see the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP in new car dealerships. The word “suggested” should tell you that the price quoted on the car is only a suggestion. You are free to choose whether you want to pay higher o...Read More

Used Car Safety Tips: Essential Features You Should Look For

The car’s low price is the first benefit that you get when you decide to buy a used car. And the older you are willing to go, the cheaper your car becomes. But in exchange for the low price, you will be betting your safety as the new technical installations will only be available on the recent cars. Thus, when you ar...Read More

How to Buy a Used Car Cheap?

No matter what small-time dealers make you believe, cheap used cars are simply not out there. And if you find one standing right for you, be sure that it is hiding some glitches which will drain your bank balance in a matter of minutes. In order to buy a cheap used car, you need to play it smart. Meet the ends where yo...Read More

4 Compromises You Must Not Make While Buying a Cheap Used Car

Used cars do come cheap but even in that range, there are a few who may offer you a cheaper version of the standard market price. However enticing the offer may seem, you must let your logical sense to kick in here to understand and pinpoint the warning bells that the cheap package might be bringing along. The price of...Read More

Why Used Car Dealerships are Better than Individual Sellers?

For many used car buyers, individual sellers take precedence over dealers owing to the involved price factor. Individual used car sellers do not have to maintain a brick and mortar store. Neither do they have to pay the commercial taxes that dealerships usually have to contribute. Naturally, when you buy your used cars...Read More

How to Ensure Value-For-Money While Buying Used Cars?

Making every penny you spent count – how difficult is that! Value-for-money has almost become an obsolete concept in this economy where almost all products suffer from some drawbacks or either. But to your relief, the auto industry of the US has risen above all the dirt and is now producing cars better than ever ...Read More

4 Things to Check While Buying a Cheap Used Car

Things come cheap for a reason and while buying them you must ensure that they are the right ones. Especially for long-term investments like cars, the word cheap must not become so enticing for you that it makes you completely blind. You must check for all possible hidden demons, that are secretly at work to pull dow...Read More

Most Dependable Family SUVs The Top Rated Listed for You

Amidst dropping your kids off to school, picking up groceries, planning that weekend gateway, and managing your work, do you really have any time to tolerate the tantrums of your car and take it to the dealership for regular servicing? Most of you will answer almost immediately with a big no. When you hav...Read More

American or Foreign:Whose Cars are More Reliable?

Cheap used car Brand preference is a common attribute among car buyers. While pride is the overpowering factor that consumers tend to associate with brands in case of new cars, reliability gets the top podium when it comes to used cars. Here comes the debate as to whose cars are more reliable – the d...Read More

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Used Car Dealer

Quality used cars can only come from quality dealers. And you can verify the quality of your dealer by asking the right questions. As a modern consumer, you are probably well-versed with the shopping technique where research precedes purchase, and well-aware of the results that your informed decisions hav...Read More

What is the Vehicle Dependability Study?

Before getting into the technicalities of the Vehicle Dependability Study, or commonly known as the VDS in the US, think about your car as a consumer for a moment. What are your common expectations from your vehicle? Sure, you want it to look great and drive great, but you will also want your car to give you minimum ...Read More

What is a Car Suspension and Why Are They So Important?

You have surely heard about it! But do you care about it? Car buyers immediately find themselves amidst exciting terms like powertrain and horsepower and seat warmer but little attention is given to what keeps your ride away from being bumpy. And more than the discomfort, every jerk that your car swallows...Read More

4 Invaluable Tips to Select the Best Used Car Dealership

The decision to buy a used car is fairly easy -it is economical as compared to a new one. But when it comes to deciding where to buy the car from, things take a whole new complicated turn. Settling your mind on a particular dealer among the flurry of options available is no easy job. If dealer A has one i...Read More

Buying a Used Car in SC Here is Your Complete Guide

    Did you know? More than 40 million used cars exchange hands every year and you are about to join this elite club of smart people who know how to save some money on their cars. Used cars are perfect substitutes to new cars that do not starve you of any specifications despite their e...Read More

5 First Time Car Buyer Tips for Used Cars

Buying a used car requires more inspection and knowledge than buying a new car. Face it! If you are trying to buy a brand-new car that hardly has 10 miles on it, all you need to do is select your favorite model, get a quick look on your budget, and that’s it. But the same process is not applicable when that same ca...Read More

Why Buying Used Cars is a Better Decision than Buying New Ones?

The feel of a new car!  The smell of a new car!  The pride of owning one!  All of these are emotions we would all feel, but are they reason enough?  If you can swing the price of a new car or do not mind the high interest rate on your loan, you should consider feeding your emotions and feeling that excitement.  ...Read More