Buying a Used Car in SC Here is Your Complete Guide



Did you know? More than 40 million used cars exchange hands every year and you are about to join this elite club of smart people who know how to save some money on their cars. Used cars are perfect substitutes to new cars that do not starve you of any specifications despite their economical price tag. If you buy right, you can very well end up with a used car that is almost as good as new and serve you for a long time. To help you to take this step, here is a complete guide to buying used cars in South Carolina. Tips and tricks for you to follow to make a clever buy.

Budget, budget, and budget

This must be your primary step, even before deciding the model and make you want. Sit down with your finances, spend some time on your calculator. Count your assets and cashflows and record your current and future car-related expenses. For instance, see how much auto loan you can apply for given your salary. Then calculate after-buy expenses like insurance and minor repairs. Take everything into account in your budget and always assume the maximum limits.

Keep your options open

One of your main reasons of buying a used car is to save a few bucks. And you cannot achieve that if you fix your mind to a particular model. Popular vehicles like Honda CR-V or Toyota Camry generally come with a higher price tag as people do not sell these easily or charge steep owing to the preference. However, if Ford Escape or Kia Optima can serve the same purpose, why not go for these lesser priced options? While buying used cars, an open mind is your asset.

Thoroughly check the car’s history

The previous owner must be selling the car for ethical reasons but from the outside, you have no way of finding out. Hence, you must ask for the car’s maintenance papers and run the VIN number with paid services to find out everything about the past. Has the car been in an accident? Was the owner caring of the vehicle? Inspect every line with minute precision and get in an expert’s opinion if required. You do not want to end up with a car that will only leak your saved money.

Consider where to buy from

There are innumerable places in South Carolina from where you can purchase your used car from. To save yourself the hassles of dilemma, consider your preferred store from where you would like to get your car. Certified Pre-Owned cars are always your best bet, but they come with the highest price tag due to the manufacture-backed warranties. There are also BHPH dealers in SC, and in case you have bad credit you can get multiple options of good used cars, but you have to pay higher interest rate. Private sellers for the used cars like, Happy Auto, will charge you the least and are the best choice.

Take a test drive

What better way is there to check a car’s quality apart from driving it yourself! When you sit inside and fire up the engine, you are then in the best position to evaluate every minute detail about the vehicle. Is the engine-check light on? Did it make any weird sounds while igniting? Are you comfortable in the driver’s seat? Can you smell gas or something burnt inside the cabin? Keep all your senses on alert and get the feel of the ride. Then decide whether you want the vehicle or not.

The final decision

And that should do it! After all those steps, you can finally feel ready to buy a car. However, if your finances are still an issue and you cannot afford a new car, consider brands like Happy Auto Sales in Greer, South Carolina where you can find huge inventory and better price for used cars. Chalk out the perfect plan and buy the best used car.


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