Buying Small Cars: How Safe are They?

Safety and SUVs tend to go along. Car buyers automatically connect bigger cars to greater safety and question the features available on smaller hatchbacks. Popular opinions even state that you should at least look at a sedan to ensure top-notch safety for the passengers inside and not be handing over a compact car to your inexperienced teen. Well, to some extent they are true. And to some extent, they are not. Just because a car is small, it does not mean that are not safe at all.

Modern hatchbacks are safer than older SUVs

All cars manufactured on and after 2012 come with Electronic Stability Control or ESC as standard. It was an optional feature before that. Plus, although airbags had been made compulsory way before, not all old cars come with side airbags. Hence, you can expect greater safety from a 2012 Fusion than a 2005 Escape as a recent used car in Greer will always pack more safety tech than an older vehicle. The discussion that smaller cars are not safe is a thing of the past. The structural built is quite impressive now as well.

Although, bulk gives some advantage

It is no secret that handling is better in heavier cars. Additionally, bulky SUVs sport longer hoods that absorb a lot of the impact before the damage can reach you. In fact, during a head-on collision between a hatchback and an SUV, the heavier car will push the lighter one back and that can make all the difference during an accident. At no point can a hatchback outweigh an SUV or a pickup and scientifically, the comparison makes the smaller car unsafe. To be on the safer side, pick an SUV from the auto dealers in Greer, SC.

However, safety depends on the car as well

A used SUV with a hidden demon can risk your life as well. The best of cars with the best of techs can falter if its maintenance routines had not been kept. Hence, whether you decide to buy a modern hatchback or a bulky SUV, do not go anywhere other than the best used car dealer in Greer. Only at the reputed dealerships can you get quality assurance and be sure that the car you are buying is exactly what you have been expecting. A faulty engine can make even a BMW unsafe. Toyotas can also pose considerable risks if they were flood-damaged. Scrutinize your car with a fine-toothed comb and pick the best vehicle from the best car lot.


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