Decoding the VIN: What Do the Numbers Tell You?

Almost all car experts advise you to run and check the VIN before buying used Greer cars. But what exactly are to expect when you do run and check the VIN? What do the numbers say and what do they mean to you? They are not random characters that mean random things. Neither does the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration place the Vin characters as per their whim. Every digit and a letter that you see on a VIN means something and you should have a basic understanding of those to decode the VIN properly.

What is the VIN?

VIN expands into Vehicle Identification Number. As evident, it helps you to identify and distinguish one vehicle from another. All modern car VINs consists of a unique combination of 17 digits and characters that the automaker assigns to every vehicle that it produces. The VIN is generally printed into a plate and attached to the dashboard. The engine’s firewall also carries a similar plate containing the VIN.

What can you read from the VIN?

The first three characters and digits of the VIN are the WMI or the world manufacturer identifier. Simply run the characters on any online search engine and you will know in which country the car was made and who is the manufacturer.

The next six digits are important to pinpoint the best cars in Greer, South Carolina.They tell you about the make, transmission type, engine code, and so on. The last digit in this group or the 9th digit in the entire VIN speaks about the vehicle’s authenticity. The US Department of Transportation assigns this number using a complex mathematical formula and cannot be replicated easily.

VIN’s 10th digit specifies the year the car was made. The 11th digit directs you to the factory or manufacturing plant where the vehicle was assembled. The remaining six digits form the production sequence that comes from the manufacturer’s assembly line.

What do you understand?

If you run the VIN and get all the above information without any botches, then understand that you are buying a quality vehicle with a clean manufacturing history. All cars of Happy Auto carry this assurance.Any missing link or the absence of the VIN in the NHTSA’s database is a warning sign for you. You can also run the VIN to pull out the car’s ownership history. Compare that with the title and you know that the vehicle was in good hands.

Plus, the VIN is also important in replacing your car parts. Not all parts go into all cars and forced placement can raise safety issues. Take these understandings with you and buy the best auto in Greer, SC.Among all the numbers that are strewn around a car, the VIN is the most important. Run it through a paid service, buy with all the information at hand, and be assured of a quality purchase.


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