How Not to Buy Used Cars in Greer?

used cars in greer


Used car shopping is very different from new car shopping for the mere fact that the former comes with a history. Every used car that you see in a dealership either belonged to an individual like you, or a rental company like Hertz, or some shipping company that just went out of business. The history behind a used car will determine the quality it possessed when acquired by the dealership and the reputation of the dealer will determine the reconditioning that the car saw. So, to ensure that you buy right, here are the top ways of how NOT to buy used cars in Greer, SC. Take note and steer clear.



  • Buy the used car of your neighbor

No matter how well you know John or Jane, avoid buying a used car from your neighbor or friend. It might sound like you can avoid a lot of hassles this way but a dealership will bring credibility that individual sellers can never place on the table. First, you cannot be strict regarding the car’s history with John or Jane. And you will always run the risk of buying without considering all the options.

  • Settle for the cheapest offer

Who does not like a discount! But the cheapest pick among the used pickup trucks for sale in Greer, SC is always not the best idea. When you are shopping for used vehicles, prioritize quality over price. Pick the dealer first and then decide on the car. Used cars that have turned lemon can come at an outrageously low price. However, these will cost you more in repairs, both in terms of money and time.

  • Test drive only to get the feel of the car

That is valid for new cars. With used cars, you will need all your senses working together to detect glitches and ask the dealer about them. A test drive can reveal a lot about a used car than mere visual inspection. Engine defects to electronic faults, the test drive is where you can decide your purchase. Buy used cars in Greer, SC only if you are completely satisfied with the test drive. If not, consider other options.

  • Sign the papers without running the VIN

Dealers broadcasting used cars easy financing in Greer, SC often tends to allure you with their credit offers, easily masking the hidden problems residing in the car’s history. People thus end up with used cars with salvage titles, flood-damaged, theft-recovered, and more. Buying without running the VIN with a paid service is a cardinal sin. Spend those few dollars now to make sure that your decision is right.


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