How to Become an Expert Used Car Shopper Overnight?

Many suggest that you take an expert mechanic along whilebuying used cars. Some also say that you should make multiple visits to numerous dealerships before making the final call. But what people do not say that the first method will cost you a few unnecessary dollars every time you take the mechanic along and the second will demand a lot of time from your already hectic schedule. This is the 21st century – the age of information. You really do not have to pay anyone to gather the required expertise in used cars. Take a day off. Research in the following ways. And become a used car expert in just one night.

1.Search for the top dealer in your area

The quest for finding the best car for yourself must begin with the search let’s say “best used Chevy dealer near Greer, SC” (not a manufacturer-certified one but a dealer with all options). You can only get quality with the reputed brands who have been in business for a long time and absorb their fleet from genuine sources. Ignore the random advertisements with inflated deals. Stick to the reputed listicles and pick the top dealer.

2.Make a list of cars perfect for you
You will know what you will need. If you are looking for a compact SUV, search online for the top cars in this segment in the past few years. Several sites will spew a variety of names. Pick the models that feature in almost all the lists. Create a list. Write down their launch price for easy reference. And the other parameters you think are relevant.

3.Check reliability and safety scores of each model
Take one name at a time from your list and search for reliability and safety scores in sites like J.D. Power. These will tell you how safe the car is on the road and how infrequently are you to see repair requirements in the future. The best used cars by dealers should carry the top ratings. Note the figures and trim your list.

4.Read how to decode VIN and service history reports

A few YouTube video tutorials should do the trick. You will want to run the car’s VIN with a paid service to extract its complete history and look into the service manual to understand the schedule of maintenance done. These show the quality of the used car you are about to buy. Pick up a few tips and tricks on these lines.

5.Note down the features you will want to check before buying

Before signing the purchase papers, you will visually inspect the car’s body and take it for a test drive. Create a list of features that you will want to see and questions that you will ask the dealer. The best auto dealership in Greenville happily entertain your queries. Any hiccups and your expert sense should tingle to warn against a shady deal.


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