Is Your Car Overheating? Here is What You Should Do

You have surely seen those images in sitcoms or movies where the bonnet of the car suddenly opens mid-road and steam start oozing out of everywhere from the front of the car. This typically happens when the engine gets overheated beyond the tolerable limit and the cooling system could not cool things down in time. Overheating is common in both new and used cars. The reasons range from your driving habits to a leak in the cooling pipes and may strand you in the middle of the highway under the scorching summer sun. If you find yourself in such a situation ever, here is what you should do.

1.Pull over and wait 15 minutes

Bringing the car to a stop will bring the engine to rest immediately. Open the bonnet now to allow air naturally cool down things under the hood of the car. A solid 15 minutes wait should do the trick but you can wait longer just to be sure. If you have just bought your car from a reputed Greer used car dealership, the heating must have been due to the weather around and no internal damage should exist.

2.Turn on your car’s heater

If the 15-minute wait did not do the job, consider turning on the car’s cabin heater. This will mechanically draw the excess heat from the engine and send it to the cabin, thereby decreasing the pressure on the cooling system. Keep the windows open so that you do not get baked after you get back in and wait a further 15-20 minutes. Most used car dealerships in Greer, SC, suggest this method as a quick way to cool the car down.

3.Call roadside assistance

However, if your car has aged considerably and this is the umpteenth time that the vehicle is breaking down due to overheating, call roadside assistance to tow your car to the nearest servicing center. You can also pour the coolant yourself can drive the car to the agency if the cooling system’s damage is not that extensive. The quick fix of steps 1 and 2 will no longer work. You need a thorough repair.
Or, consider an upgrade

Out-of-hand damages can drain thousands of dollars from your checking account to fix the heating problem. Apart from the cooling system, the engine might require repairs or replacement to get your car back to running condition again. An 8 to 10-year-old car does not deserve that investment. Instead, consider going for new to you used Kias in Greer or Toyotas or Hondas that are known for their reliable power trains. Get rid of the problem altogether.


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