Most Dependable Family SUVs The Top Rated Listed for You

Amidst dropping your kids off to school, picking up groceries, planning that weekend gateway, and managing your work, do you really have any time to tolerate the tantrums of your car and take it to the dealership for regular servicing? Most of you will answer almost immediately with a big no. When you have a family and buy a car for them, you need your vehicle to be the least of your worries. Hence, dependable family SUVs are the direction to look at. Luckily, a few still runs on the US roads, have been upgraded through time, and have become the top-rated most dependable family vehicles. Here is that list for you.

1. Toyota Sequoia

You may flinch a bit looking at the Sequoia’s price, but Toyota gives you that thing pretty generously what most US families feel starved about in their SUVs – space. The car is literally massive with comfortable three-row seating and the cargo hold decent enough to fit almost anything. Sequoia comes with high-tech safety installations that justifies the high price but the only aspect where it disappoints is its EPA. Fuel economy wise, you can look past this SUV but any other area, Toyota Sequoia is a winner for you.

2. Chevrolet Equinox

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A cheaper alternative for you. At nearly half the price of the upper trim of Sequoia, the base model of Equinox gives you more than average space inside its cabin. This SUV misses out on the third-row but Chevy does not disappoint with its cargo hold. The dependability score puts the Chevrolet Equinox in the middle of the pack but you should not mind that position going by its turbocharged engine at the price at which it sells. Infotainment is modernistic and offers a lovely ride to your entire family.

3. Mazda CX-9

If you want an upscale family SUV but do not want to swing a high amount, this is the SUV for you. Mazda CX-9 shines with its powertrain and acceleration but where it really becomes a superstar is with its cabin. Premium upholstery, great infotainment, impressive add-ons, and reliable safety. The CX-9 cannot tow a massive load but it can definitely fit a lot in its cargo space due to the absence of the third row. You can feel proud of how the car looks and its price is complete value for money at any rate.

4. Kia Niro

Family SUVs have the tendency to disappoint on the EPA parameter. However, if you are willing to go compact and select a hybrid SUV, and you should, Kia Niro stands right at the front of the line. For a moderate price, you get an electric powertrain combined with a gasoline engine that returns an EPA rating of 52 mpg in the city. You will save a lot on your fuel expenses, yet will never feel deprived of anything in your car. Niro does a great job on longevity and reliability and successfully surpasses many competitors in its segment.

5. Ford Expedition

For the large families, with overwhelming demands and adventurous desires, no other SUV can take it all and yet score high on the dependability arena but the Ford Expedition. This is a literal seven-seater monster that sits right at the top among all by ticking all the right boxes. Under the hood, you get a high-performing V8 engine in the top trim which can produce up to 400 HP of power. Next comes its mammoth towing capacity of 9,300 pounds. Goes without saying, there is ample space inside the car’s cabin as it miniaturizes all other SUVs in this list.

So, take your pick and head only to the top used car dealership like Happy Auto Sales. Dependability is only justified when you buy a quality family SUV in the first place.


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