Price Haggling is Obsolete! Information is the Key

Happy Auto Greer

Remember that time when you felt robbed if you could not haggle with prices? Yes, that time is gone. Today, if you have to negotiate the price of something, be sure that something shady is going on underneath. With top used car dealers in Greer, SC, especially, price haggling is a thing of the past. They do not follow the archaic methods of commissioning the salespeople and will gain nothing by inflating their marked price. In reputed dealerships, you do not need to haggle. They will have a reason for every dollar that they have marked against the car.





The age of information

Say you want to know the price of a 2010 Ford Escape that has around 120,000 miles on it and still returns around 20 mpg city despite its age. What is the first thing that you do? Search the yellow pages to ask a dealership directly or enter your question on the internet? Definitely, the internet. There are databases online that will give you the exact market value of the vehicles that you are searching for along with side-by-side comparisons with other models, better alternatives, and so on. Can any used cars dealership in Greer, SC haggle with you when they already know that you come equipped with the price information?

Second, top dealerships no longer instruct their salespeople to sell used cars in Greer, SC. They now ask them to educate and inform the customers and simply help the buying decision. These employees are not driven by commissions. They are driven by the motivation to assist you to make the right buy and become an advocate of the dealership. Here again, information plays a crucial role. Salespeople now need to know more about the cars that they are selling rather than enticing sales tactics.

Price haggling is off the table

Reputed dealerships only have quality used cars for sale in Greer, SC. They use genuine parts to recondition the cars and absorb from trusted sources who maintain a well-documented history. Plus, they are transparent about their services and the associated charges and you will know exactly why the vehicles are priced to the levels that you see. When information is readily available at hand, these dealerships will look to gain your trust and confidence. And price haggling is not how they can do the same ever.

The room for haggling sends the signal to the customer that the price is already inflated. This instantaneously tarnishes the dealership’s reputation. Sure, a few adjustments can always be made to accommodate your needs but never expect animated price haggling at good used car dealers in Greer, SC.


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