Quality Policy – Car Quality is Always Our Priority

Your car has to be a quality, reliable car.  You use it to get to work, you drive your family and friends around in it.  Almost everything important to you will at one time or another be in, or rely upon, your car.  You have to feel confident that no compromise has been made on the quality of the car you get.  You can have that confidence at Happy Auto Sales where compromising on car quality is never an option.  Every car we choose for our inventory and offer to you on our lot has been thoroughly inspected.  We scrutinize every major component for defects or impending failure and make adjustments and replacements as necessary.  Our quality check procedure includes:

  • Checking the Car’s Transmission

You can’t afford to be stranded and a faulty transmission can do just that.  Strand you at the side of the road, or lead to poor handling, scary and unwanted vibrations and many other complications. Your car’s transmission has been tested and, where necessary, repaired or replaced.

  • Looking into Tire Quality

Because you will use your car to transport those who are most important to you, safety is critical.  The tires on your car have been checked for leaks, excessive wear and tear, and proper tire pressure and balance.  Your car’s tires were replaced or restored if they failed any check to make the vehicle as safe as possible.

  • Inspecting the Exterior and Interior

Your car not only needs to be safe and reliable, but comfortable and presentable as well.  Everybody sees you driving that car, and you spend a lot of time in it.  Your car has been inspected for rust, damage, dents, and strength of the moving parts.  Happy Auto Sales restores the car to nearly its original state.

  • Diagnosing the Engine

Because it all starts here, if it isn’t running you aren’t going, we take our time inspecting the heart and soul of every car, its engine.  From the main combustion chamber to the auxiliary air filter, we check and replace all damaged parts so your car leaves the lot with a healthy heart. Your car will have gone through the best quality check procedure in the market.  Your car from Happy Auto Sales has both the technical and aesthetic qualities to ensure that your vehicle is one of your best and most valuable assets!