Thinking About Buying Rental Cars? Think Again!

Car rental companies like Hertz and Avis sell a part of their fleet almost regularly. These are fairly new cars that come at a discounted price and generally carry manufacturer-backed warranties. Plus, the easy selling process of the companies makes the deal even more enticing and a good number of customers do consider buying rentals, given the models on offer. However, in most cases, the offers are too good to be true. Even if you get the free 2-hour test drive or 3-day rent-to-buy package, the cars require a second thought from a lot of angles.

Rental cars carry massive mileage figures

It is not surprising for a rental vehicle from any of the top companies to see more than 45,000 miles in its first couple of years. And if you are the type of owner who likes to drive around a lot, such an inflated odometer reading will not help your cause. With time, the car will start showing mileage related problems and once the warranty period is over, you will have to bear the expenses frequently. Go for individual-owned used cars in Greer, SC. These do not carry such outrageous mileage figures.

You are stuck with top-of-the-line models

Car rental companies cannot encourage their customers to hire from them with basic trims in their fleet. You will find a GMC rather than a Chevy or an Acura instead of a Honda. Thus, despite the given discounts, the price you pay for your car will almost always be in the higher brackets and your options will be limited to these. In the top used car dealerships in Greer, SC, you get a massive inventory of cars of all makes, models, prices. This feature helps with your budget and personalized car selection.

History is always uncertain

No matter how clear the service records are. Rental companies carry the reputation of taking care of their cars. They also have strict maintenance rules for customers who take the vehicles out on the road. But in no way can they control nuances like frequent hard brakes, brake riding, running on low fuel or tire pressure, or any other such aggressive use. Now, the effects of these do not show themselves in the first 2 years. They will, however, surface when you acquire the car. Standard used cars for sale in Greer, SC, have no such issues. With the right dealership, you will have both a clear service and owner history.

Keep the above in mind while shopping for used cars. If you are okay with them, go for rentals by all means. But do keep in mind that reputed used car dealerships in Greer, SC, have better cars and better deals. And they are worth your visit before you make the final decision.


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