Used Car Buying Tips for 21st Century Shoppers

The used car buying mantras that used to hold in the previous millennium naturally have lost their relevance today. Sure, you should still follow a few of them as some tips are evergreen but the way you follow them today has evolved from what it used to be. Plus, your method of inspection, your trust in the car, and the dealer, all need generation-appropriate tweaks as the industry has become better and brighter. Keep the following in mind before even thinking about buying a used car in SC and shop smart.

1. Approve your auto loan first

Previously, it was difficult to form an idea about the model you should buy and the price of the same without visiting a dealership first. But today, a simple online search about these can spew up more details about used cars than you will ever need. Use that to get your auto loan pre-approved. Be it at the banks, credit union, or dealership financing, the tactic will enable you to stay inside the boundaries of your budget.

2. Consider older cars without much doubt

Often, you will see used car lots in Greer, SC, housing decade-old cars in their inventory. These cost a meager amount as compared to the market rates. If you are planning to buy quality but cheap used cars that you want to keep for 5 odd years, keep them in your consideration. Unlike the previous millennium, cars now are staying on the road much longer. Figures like 10-year-old or 120,000 miles do not matter anymore.

3. Compare history with a paid report

Include a paid history search within your budget of buying a used car in SC. Another gem of the online world is that you can collect the VIN from the dealer and use websites like Auto check or Car fax to get a detailed report of the vehicle’s history that you are about to buy. Verify the dealer’s words with the report. Check the title, accident, and maintenance history to form an idea about quality.

4. Buy from reputed dealers

The flourish of the market has brought in many players who want a piece of the cake. And it has become that much easier to dupe customers by enticing them with a lower price and aggressive advertising. In all the pandemonium, be sure to buy used cars in Greer, SC from a reputed dealer. A dealer who will not sell you flood-damaged vehicles with 10-year-old tires and botched odometer readings. There are ways to hide these details today and that is where the prices come down.