Used Cars are Cheaper (And Better) Than CPOs – Here’s Why

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Going by the average market price of new cars in 2020, a typical CPO vehicle will cost you around $30,000 if the newer version costs $36,000. In contrast, the same vehicle in reputed used car dealerships will come at just around $20,000. Sure, the features you get are not comparable. CPOs pack more benefits than conventional used cars for sale in Greer, SC. But these very benefits shoot their prices high and the cars remain out of your reach. Used cars are economical. And they are a better deal if you shop from the right dealership. Here are why used cars are currently outperforming CPOs and attracting more buyers than ever before.

Not all used vehicles become CPOs

Take the example of any Kia of Greer car dealership in Greer. This entity is run by Kia itself and they accept cars back into their inventory from customers who are looking for an upgrade or exchange just after a year. Only the very few that are in top condition without much mileage make it to the CPO dealerships. And that fraction is quite minimal when compared to the rate at which conventional dealerships add cars to their fleet. This small number limits availability. And by the classical rule of supply and demand, shoots up the prices. In the Kia CPO dealership, you will seldom find all models standing for sale. Only a few upscale ones with pricey tags are put up on display.

Low mileage is not always an advantage

Apart from the young age of CPO vehicles by automotive standards, they also come with low mileage. You can easily find 1-year, 20,000 miles CPOs with Honda dealers in Greer, SC. This deal is lucrative to many and people are willing to pay a high price for it. But cars are known to improve on grounds of fuel efficiency when they have spent a considerable amount of time on the road. So, a used car with 60,000 to 100,000 miles may, in fact, return better actual EPA figures. Plus, modern cars are built to last long and their age will not matter at the time of the purchase.

Cheaper and better

For almost $10,000 less, you can indeed find a better deal with used cars for sale in Greer, SC. CPOs came into existence at a time when the used car market was not that flourishing. But times have changed now. People are selling cars more often. You do not have to rely on CPOs only to buy a quality used vehicle. Pick the best used car dealer in Greer and your ride will bring a better deal than CPOs. Your options are varied. You get the exact features you want. And all these at a price much lower than CPO cars.


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