What is a Car Suspension and Why Are They So Important?

You have surely heard about it! But do you care about it? Car buyers immediately find themselves amidst exciting terms like powertrain and horsepower and seat warmer but little attention is given to what keeps your ride away from being bumpy. And more than the discomfort, every jerk that your car swallows acts as a blow to its mechanical parts and over time, things will start to fall apart, one screw at a time. A car’s suspension system prevents all these from happening and this is why it is such an important parameter in quality used cars.

So, while buying your car, be on your guard and inspect the suspension system of the vehicle that you are planning to buy. But first, you will need to know what it is and the role it plays in your car’s life.

What is the car’s suspension system?

Every component that keeps your ride smooth while driving on an uneven road comes under the umbrella of the term suspension. The chassis of the vehicle is the primary element on which the rest is hinged. There are springs that support the weight of the car, shock absorbers attached to the wheel, anti-sway bars, and much more. All these works together to ensure that the vertical force does not get transmitted to the entire car’s body and no part feels a nasty jerk.

What is its function?

Apart from keeping away the sudden jolts, your car’s suspension system also ensures that the tires are pressed down on the road to maximize friction. This enables better handling of the car and your vehicle behaves exactly the way you want it to. Plus, it preserves the tires’ health by ensuring an even contact that would have undergone greater wear and tear in the absence of a suspension system. The best – used car dealership in Greer places much importance on a car’s suspension and now you know why.

How can you check a car’s suspension?

Quality used cars will show clear signs of a good suspension system. The first obvious indicators are the tires which will have an even erosion. Next, you can take your selected vehicle for a test drive and get a feel of the car’s handling. And then there is the issue of a bumpy ride. In a good car, you will hardly feel a thing.

Stick to the top used cars dealership in Greer

Authentic used car dealers carry out a thorough inspection of every vehicle that reaches their inventory and suspension is definitely a parameter. Buy your car from the best – used car dealership in Greer and have no worries at all.


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