What to Do If You Want a Compensation Claim for a Car Accident?

No matter how experienced a driver you are or how safe your used cars in Greer, SC, is, you are bound to be left rattled by an accident. And these are becoming more common on South Carolina’s roads as we are adding more cars to the streets. After you have tended to your and your passenger’s injuries and made sure everyone is fine, the first step is to ready yourself for a compensation claim with your and/or the other driver’s insurer. And depending on whose fault the accident was, you will need a whole lot of information.

Here is a quick guide regarding the things you will have to do while filing for a compensation claim. Keep the list handy so that you do not miss out on any data right after the accident.



  1. Name and address of everyone involved

You need to remember that all insurance companies always try to find the slightest error to use as an excuse to pay you less. And things can be as simple as the missing detail of one passenger in the other car. So, flip out your notebook or your smartphone and collect the name and address of all the people involved in the accident. This includes the driver of the other car, the passengers in the other car, and the passengers in yours as well.

  1. Take note of other details

This includes:

  • the license plate number of the other car involved in the accident
  • the exact location of the accident
  • the insurer name and contact number of the other car
  • make and model of the other car
  • name and address of any witnesses

Here again, collect as much information as possible. In case you cannot retrieve any of the detail right at the spot, make arrangements to collect them later. Remember, the insurer will want every data that they can possibly collect.

  1. Call the police

Even if no one is hurt and you have settled the dispute amicably, you will need to call the police to draft an accident report. Hardly any insurer starts processing your compensation claims without the official accident report and if you delay too much in informing the police, the instance is seen as shady and your deserved compensation is compromised. If possible, call the authorities immediately or file a report the next day.

  1. Take pictures

And be thorough about it. Use your cellphone to take pictures of the accident from every possible angle. Include the scratches, dents, damage to your personal belongings, and the license plate number of the other car. Be sure to take a shot of the locality to prove that the accident indeed happened where you claim it to be. Digital photographs have timestamps. They will help your case with the insurer.

  1. File for compensation

If you consulted with your dealer and picked one of the top insurers while applying for used cars easy financing in Greer, SC, this step should not bother you much. Call your insurer to inform that the accident has happened and put in your personal injury claim. Call the other driver’s insurer and place the accident notification claim. Provide all the details that you have collected above and you shall receive your due amount.

However, before we can talk about accidents and claims, you need to make sure that you take every precaution while on the road. Sure, you need to drive safely but you also need to invest in a quality used car that is less likely to see mechanical failures often. Seek out the best used cars and used pickup trucks for sale in Greer, SC. Buy from a top dealer. And you can rest assured that your car will not get you into trouble.


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