Why do Coolants Leak in Cars?

If you see any greenish or orangish deposits under the hood of your car, it typically means your coolant is leaking. And if this is indeed happening, you must raise the alarm immediately. A coolant leak can be detrimental to your vehicle. This liquid works to prevent the engine from become overheated and lose its functioning capabilities. If ignored for a long time, the car’s engine will break down and the cost of repairs will be sky-high. That is why buyers are often advised to check for coolant leaks in used car lots in Greer, South Carolina, as the issue is not something that deserves to be left alone and can affect the longevity of your car in all the wrong ways.

So, why do coolants leak in cars? And why do you need to keep a constant check? Let’s find out.

A leak in the radiator can cause the coolant to leak

The car’s radiator is nothing but a series of pipes that carry the coolant under a pressurized condition. This is where the liquid gives up the heat that it brought from the engine and cools down to revisit the engine again. Over time, the high internal pressure can cause wear and tear to the radiator pipes and fissures may arise at places from where the coolant can leak. Radiator hoses are also common areas where the leak arises often.

The head gasket is damaged

Top used car dealerships in Greer, South Carolina, will always sell you a car with the head gasket in top-notch condition. For a blown or broken head gasket causes the coolant to leak and mix with engine oil. This is fatal to the engine’s health and often results in falling EPA initially followed by irreversible damage. Head gaskets suffer wear and tear as well along with mechanical stress and jerks. Hence, it is primary that you pay keen attention to it while buying a used car and keep a constant check during the span of your ownership.

A leak in the connecting pipes

Pipes carry the coolant fluid from the tank to the engine and the radiator. And these connecting pipes need periodic replacement as well. With age, the pipes lose their integrity and start developing leaks. Coolant fluids leak out of here and settle under the hood. Used cars in top dealerships like Happy Auto Sales in Greer, SC, will generally stand in the lot with a new set of connecting pipes as such dealerships make sure that they sell only quality cars to you. External leaks are frequent and equally detrimental. So, avoid buying used cars will leaking coolant.


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