Why Greer Residents are Turning to Nissan Used Cars?

used cars in Greer

There was a time not too long ago when a few segments got known by the brands that topped the sales charts. Think of a family sedan and you immediately picture a Toyota or a Honda. Talk about pickup trucks and your mind cannot go beyond the logo of Ford. But gradually, Nissan has gained some of that customer confidence and the trend is visible right in our dealership. In Happy Auto of Greer, we have had a surge in demand for Nissan cars of all segments. And these are why customers came looking for Greer Nissan used cars.

“Well, they are cheaper, aren’t they?” – Michael Schaefer


Michael was right. In the same segment with similar features, a used Nissan car was indeed comparatively cheaper in our lot. The reason behind this is the simple demand and supply story. Many customers still believe that Toyota is more reliable and is likely to last long and they buy cars of this brand in large numbers. But Nissan has caught up. Since the demand is comparatively lower, the Nissan used cars in Greer, SC are cheaper as well.

“I liked what I read about the Titan” – Jesse Fleming

Sure, Nissan Titan is not a Ford or a GM, but it works fine on Greer’s roads. No one buys a truck in the city to haul logs from one place to another. It is mainly due to fascination for a pickup and the occasional muscle it provides during those weekend trips and the Titan is the perfect pickup for that given its affordable price. Jesse came to Happy Auto of Greer with thorough research. In his view, Titan had more on offer than other options present in our lot.

“My friend is driving her Pathfinder for 8 years now.” – Vera Weston

Vera was already impressed with the reliability that Nissan offered. She wanted a 5-year old Nissan Pathfinder and came to us after having visited other used car dealers in Greer, SC. We had one standing in our lot and she bought it immediately after just a few minutes of test drive. The Pathfinder is a versatile SUV. And it has a history of seeing minimal repairs, as was the case with Vera’s friend. Nissan has improved starkly on J.D. Power’s ranking books and customers naturally like that while buying used cars.


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