Why We Shouldn’t Buy Used Cars with Old Tires?

Chevrolet Trax

The answer is fairly simple – because they cause accidents. But how do you determine the age of the tire on the used car that you are buying? You cannot just assume that a 5-year-old car will have a 5-year-old tire. Neither can you safely conclude that the tire is still usable as the six-year-old mark suggested by the manufacturers has not been reached. The top car lots in Greer, South Carolina, always sell cars with proper tires as they can become old despite their age and the accompanying dangers are always catastrophic.

What happens when you drive on old tires?

The Safety Research & Strategies Inc. have reported 250 auto incidents in 2012 that occurred solely due to the use of old tires. And those 250 incidents have caused over 233 fatalities in that single year alone. So, when you drive on used tires, you do not just skid on the road and hit the side of the curb. You totally lose control of your car and inflict damage to pedestrians, other drivers and yourself as well.

Old tires form cracks, both inside and outside, as is the nature of rubber. This weakens the entire structure and the steel belts in treads start separating. Over time, the entire tread can come off, making the tire useless and things become fatal when that happens on road. Plus, tires whose structural integrity has been compromised wear out fast. You might be waiting for the end of 6 years, but the unforeseen can happen way before that.

How to ensure you are buying right?

In the used car lots in Greer, SC, ask for the service history of the vehicle that you are buying. Check the number of miles the tire has seen and inquire if the set of wheels has been replaced or not. Keep in mind to evaluate the extra wheel as well. Unused tires also age even when they have not seen the road for a single day.

Also, be sure to buy your used car from the top dealerships in Greer, SC, who will not replace the current tires with used ones. Used tire’s age can be highly miscalculated and you may often end up with a set that shows 4 on paper but is actually double of that. Lastly, you can always conduct the well-known penny test to check the tread’s depth but try not to base your judgment solely on the results of the test. Stick to reputed dealers and you shall do just fine.


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